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Auction # IB-4663 La Princesa - Málaga, C/ Río Gargáligas, 2, Malaga, 29002
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Current Bids (7)

  • gaston of malaga, Malaga
    Last Bidder EUR 61
  • Hatseflats of Alora, Malaga
    Past Bidder EUR 51
  • Sergio1995 of Málaga, Malaga
    Past Bidder EUR 41
  • Umets of Segorbe, Castello
    Past Bidder EUR 31
  • gaston of malaga, Malaga
    Past Bidder EUR 21
  • Umets of Segorbe, Castello
    Past Bidder EUR 11
  • Francisco javier of Marbella, Malaga
    Past Bidder EUR 1
Auction Close Time: 26/01/2023 20:00:00
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EUR 61
This auction has ended.
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Starting Bid: EUR 1
Bid Increment: EUR 10 or more


Chair, suitcases, boxes and bags.

Unit Size


Cleaning Deposit

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