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Tips for Going Through The Storage Unit You’ve Won


If you`ve been bidding on storage auctions for long, you know that they`re a treasure trove of possibilities. You never know what you`ll find, but you can always expect a lucrative and interesting opportunity inside. The biggest challenge is clearing out the unit and deciding what to do with the take. By developing a system, you can expedite the process.


What to expect 

You never know what you`ll find when you open your storage unit. You probably previewed the units up for storage auctions before purchasing, with things like appliances, furniture, or electronics visible through the bay door. These clues can potentially identify the contents as residential property, business inventory, or antiques. However, you might find more than meets the eye. Also, it`s difficult to know how long your unit was stagnant, so come with safety gear.


Make a plan

Clearing a storage unit is overwhelming, especially if it`s packed tightly. In most cases you`ll have a deadline, often 72 hours, to have the unit empty, clean, and ready to return to the rental pool. Work smart and have a plan.


Spread out 

You can`t efficiently clear your unit if you`re poking around inside all the contents. Open the door and spread out, preferably removing all the items from the unit. If there isn`t room on site, consider transporting everything in a moving van to somewhere more accommodating. The goal is to have a broad view of the entirety of your goods for easier sorting.


Categorise the contents

You`ll regularly experience surprises at storage auctions, but the need to sort and categorise is the same with every unit purchased. Begin by separating the large items from the smaller products. You can then make a quick, visual assessment of what is in each packed box. Group together categories like household goods, small appliances, and clothing, without unpacking each box. Keep an eye out for personal keepsakes. While you may not be legally obligated to return photos, documents, or home videos, doing so is good manners, and the recipients will appreciate reclaiming irreplaceable memories. 


Sort it out 

Once each item and box is in a category, you can systematically sort through the individual items. Create three areas, one for items to keep, one to sell, and another to discard. If you purchased the storage unit as an investment, only keep the things you can`t bear to let go. Haul away the discard items as you work to maintain an uncluttered workspace. Be brutal. If you can`t sell it and don`t want it yourself, it belongs in the discard pile. Keep things separate for transport, with the keep pile items and the goods you will sell removing in different loads. If you already have markets for the products, bring them directly to your buyer. Don`t forget to sweep out and wipe down the unit to avoid incurring cleaning fees; your unit should be rental ready when you leave.

If you`re ready to start bidding on some storage auctions, iBidOnStorage is here to help. 

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