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Soft close:
Our online storage auctions have a soft close. All bids within the last minute will extend the closing time by 2 minutes. This way the Buyer willing to bid the most will win the auction. The auction is officially closed when the "SOLD" notice appears on the auction page, otherwise the auction has gone into a soft close. Note: Should the storer come in and pay their outstanding storage fees prior to the close of the auction, the Seller will remove the unit and bring the auction to a close. 

Prices inclusive of VAT :
Unless otherwise stated, all amounts are in the currency displayed and inclusive of VAT.  The Buyer`s Premium of 17.5%, calculated as a percentage of the Sale Price will also include VAT of country and will be payable by you at the time of purchase.  Example: A Danish auction won at a Sale Price of 100.00 DKK would be calculated as 75.00 DKK + 25.00 DKK VAT.

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All auctions have a soft close.  Click here to learn more.


Den Bosch Den Bosch, North Brabant
Bid from


Haarlem XL Haarlem, North Holland
Bid from
EUR 90


Amsterdam West Amsterdam, North Holland
Bid from
EUR 11


Tilburg Tilburg, North Brabant
Bid from
EUR 10


Tilburg Tilburg, North Brabant
Bid from
EUR 400


Tilburg Tilburg, North Brabant
Bid from
EUR 100


Tilburg Tilburg, North Brabant
Bid from
EUR 310


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